Berry Crowley

Realtor® & Attorney
Beryl "Berry" Crowley is a realtor and long-time attorney. Ms. Crowley is a sole practitioner with Beryl P. Crowley, Attorney & Counselor at Law in Austin, where she has been practicing since 1974. Her 46-year career has encompassed a broad and deep range of professional values and experience. She has excelled and been publicly recognized in Austin and in Texas for her leadership abilities. She is a powerful advocate and exemplar, as well as a leader where she has experience as a Partner, Shareholder, Chairman, President, Trustee, Director and Executive Director, Mentor (in addition to mother and grandmother) and knows firsthand and intimately the issues that surround such positions of leadership. She looks forward to bringing her executive, administrative, community, legal and governance experience to the next challenge. Because she has been resident in Austin since 1974, and before that from 1969 – 1972 at UT Law School for a total of 47 years in Austin, she knows her city extremely well, and has witnessed first hand its growth from the sleepy capital city with a university and river, to the vibrant hub it is now in Texas, currently 11th largest in the country. Because of her innate knowledge of Austin, she can help you and your clients buy or sell all over town.

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